Rare Feeder Visitors

Bullock’s Oriole – summer visitors to the western USA.

One of the great things about the Birding Community (especially the Maine Birding Community) occurs when a rare bird visits a residential feeder. The homeowner will post visiting directions (park on left side of road, stand behind swing set, etc.) and the Birding crazies will respectfully arrive (wearing masks), wait for the bird . . . and ooh and ahh when it arrives. These “stakeouts” can become social situations with birder exchanging war stories and laughter.

Currently there is a Bullock’s Oriole being seen in Freeport, Maine and the owner posts daily updates of the bird’s comings and goings . . . along with a “visitor’s welcome” message.

Rufous Hummingbird – a house in Yarmouth, Maine. Rufous’s are summer visitors to the Pacific Northwest.
Golden-crowned Sparrow – a lake front cottage in Abbot, Maine. Golden-crowns live within a few hundred miles of the Pacific Ocean.
Summer Tanager – a Wiscasset Home, five minutes from ours. Summer’s live south of the Mason Dixon line.
Harris’s Sparrow – Cornith, Maine . . . pre-COVID . . . the owners invited me into their kitchen and gave me coffee as we waited for the bird to return. Harris’s winter in Oklahoma and Nebraska.

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