Yellow-throated Warbler

The rareties continue . . . it appears I picked the right year to do a Maine Big Year (at least so far).  In the last month I’ve managed to twitch the following birds that have no reason to be in Maine during the winter.

Western Tanager – Should be wintering in Mexico

Rock Wren – A desert bird of the American Southwest

Rock Wren

Dickcissel – Should be wintering in Mexico and parts south

Redwing – Should be wintering in Southern Europe and even Iran

Black-headed Grosbeak – Should be wintering in Mexico

Hoary Redpoll – Canada

And today I completed a 7 hours stakeout over 2 days to glimpse a Yellow-throated Warbler (should be in southern Florida) which has been hanging out at a residential feeder since November.

Not sure what is going on . . . but I’ve been lucky so far.


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