Winter Birds and then a Surprise

Cedar Waxwing

Today was Ingrid’s last day of vacation before she returns to pandemic hybrid teaching . . . so we spent the day birding . . . I’m sure she wishes we could bird for another week.

We saw amazing birds . . . dozens of incredible birds . . . but nothing we didn’t expect to see when suddenly we spotted a spotted an Atlantic Puffin a couple hundred yards out at sea.

Atlantic Puffin at a distance


We see Puffins every summer when we take boats out to Maine’s offshore islands where Puffins nest . . . but by fall these birds have dispersed across the Atlantic.  Seeing an Atlantic Puffin from land in February is amazing. 

Purple Sandpipers Flying
Horned Grebe
Harlequin Ducks
Eastern Bluebird
Barrows Goldeneyes



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