Two Surprise Lifers

Birders are gossips.  We’re always listening to other birder’s conversations, searching the internet or simply asking others “have you seen anything good?”

Today Ingrid and got two lifers (birds we have never seen before) without any intelligence before hand.

While searching a beach east of Corpus Christi we saw a shorebird . . . probably a plover that we’d never seen before.  We took photos and began to go through out birding field guides.   It was a Snowy Plover, a bird that wasn’t even on out radar.

An hour later we saw a Little Gull, another lifer . . . a bird that winters in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Little Gull

And on this, our last day of birding in Texas before we headed home, we got great photos and videos of some of our favorite Gulf Coast Birds.  It was 38 degrees and windy . . . we were miserable . . . but the light was perfect for photography.

Least Grebe
Forster’s Tern
Royal Tern
Common Gallinule


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