Global Big Day

May 14, 2022 is Global Big Day . . . a day where teams of Birders throughout the world compete to see as many species of birds as possible in a 24 hour period.

Last year, 51,816 Birders in 192 counties, identified an astonishing 7,234 species.

This year, Ingrid and I will be doing our first Global Big Day and we’ve been planning our 24 hour effort for a month.

The World Big Day Record was set in 2015 by a team in Ecuador, they identified 431 bird species in 24 hours. The United States Record is 264 and the Maine Record is 187 (they used a plane).

Ingrid and I are just trying to match our personal record of 110 (February 24, 2018 in and around San Diego, California).

Follow our Big Day by returning to this page: . . . we’ll be updating it regularly throughout the day!!!

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