Spring Migration Explodes

Canada Warbler

Maine winters are long and miserable, so Ingrid and I can’t wait for spring migration . . . where thousands of beautiful tiny warblers begin to move through the State.

But Spring 2022 has been slow. Weather fronts and cold weather have delayed the warblers.  The early arriving species have come and gone, but not in the numbers that we usually expect.

That all changed in the last 24 hours.

Sunday night weather radar showed massive clouds of birds moving into Maine and Ingrid and I rushed out the door to celebrate Spring!!!

I was lucky to find a Kentucky Warbler outside of the gate at Fort Foster in Kittery. Breeding from Pennsylvania to Texas, this rare New England visitor forages along the ground.

Kentucky Warbler

Ingrid came upon a half dozen male Scarlet Tanagers at a cemetery in Cape Elizabeth.

We both saw a rare (for Maine) Red-headed Woodpecker coming to a residential feeder.

The arriving Warblers were breathtaking, literally dripping off the trees.

Wilson’s Warbler
Black-throated Blue Warbler

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