Snow Buntings

While winter in Maine is long and usually stormy (not so much this winter), its a great place to be a birder.  Birds that nest in the high arctic push into the state for a little day light and better weather.

One of the winter highlights each year is the return of Snow Buntings . . . a large mostly white sparrow.  The usually travel in flocks and can be found on beaches and fields.

The old Naval Air Station in Brunswick (now an industrial park) is a great place to find them . . . generally in a large vacant lot near the airport’s main office.

Last weekend Ingrid and I saw a Redhead, a stunning duck that should be wintering along the Mid-Atlantic Seaboard . . . but the unseasonably warm weather has kept the fresh water open on many of the lakes and ponds.

Redhead and Lesser Scaup

Spring will be here in three months . . . sigh.  At least the birds are here

Golden-crowned Kinglet




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