Harris’s Sparrow

Ingrid has been a 4th grade teacher for decades and thus has developed immunity to all disease.   Even during the worst of Omnicron when most of her students tested positive . . . Ingrid remained healthy.  And her super-human immune system extends to the flu, the common cold and probably cat-scratch fever.

Of course being mortal, I am susceptible to everything (like most men, I’m a bit of a hypochondriac) and my wife brings many of the classroom diseases home for me to enjoy.

So a couple days ago as I’m lying in bed close to death (note the aforementioned hypochondria) I learned of a Harris’s Sparrow in Turner, Maine about an hour away.

The Harris’s Sparrow should be wintering in Oklahoma by now (they nest north of the Arctic Circle) . . . for a birder, seeing one in Maine is really cool!!!!

Unfortunately I was sick in bed and for two days I heard reports of the Bird being seen under a juniper bush . . . and not being able to chase it.

So yesterday morning I woke up feeling much better (its a miracle!!!!) and rushed up to the Turner Farmhouse and got this beautiful bird.

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