Birding Until the Steller’s Sea-Eagle Returns

As I write this, its been four days since the Steller’s Sea-Eagle has been seen.  Birders from around the country continue to pour into Maine, hoping to see our orange billed celebrity.  I feel bad as they keep coming up empty.

Three times I’ve had strangers point out Greater Black-backed Gulls to me . . . I guess folks from Oregon, Minnesota and Texas never see this relatively common Maine Gull.

A dirt road where the Sea-Eagle has been commonly seen has been closed as melting show and hundreds of Prius spinning wheels has made it almost impassible.   A Go-Fund-Me page has been set up to try and repair the damage.

While waiting for “Stella” to return or Spring to arrive (which ever comes first), I’ve sought out a few Northeast rarities: a Western Tanager in Greenland, NH and a Snow Goose in Woolwich, ME.

Stella . . . hurry back . . . you’re good for tourism!!!

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