Palm Warblers Arrive in Maine . . . Finally

Maine winters are long and cold.  Fortunately Maine birders have the arrival of various species to buffer the passage of time.

  • Late January, the first Turkey Vultures arrive
  • Late February, the first Red-Winged Blackbirds appear
  • Late March, Eastern Phoebes and Ospreys are seen

For me, the true sign of spring is the arrival of the Palm Warbler, a tiny yellow bird with a rusty red cap.  Palm Warblers pump their tails up and down and are the first warblers to show each spring.




  • In 2020, I saw my first Palm Warbler on April 7.
  • In 2021, my first Palm Warbler arrived on April 8.
  • The 2022 arrival was April 6.

This year (2023), despite considerable effort, I didn’t find a Palm Warbler until April 11.  GASP!!!!


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