Evening Grosbeaks

Those of you that read this blog regularly know that Ingrid and I spend (waste???) a considerable amount of time chasing birds around the State of Maine.  If we hear about an unusual bird within driving distance . . . we’re immediately in the car hoping to get a glimpse.  Often the bird has moved on by the time we arrive.

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Yesterday a Rufous Hummingbird visited a feeder in Frankfort, Maine and the homeowner posted a photo on Facebook.  The Rufous winters long the Gulf Coast and summers in the Pacific Northwest.  Recently one or two wayward Rufous Hummingbirds show up on Maine feeders each year and I’ve been lucky enough to see them . . . so when the report came in yesterday . . . I was in my car, arriving in Frankfort around 5:00 pm.

Rufous Hummingbird

Several birders had seen the Rufous before I arrived . . . but it had apparently bedded down for the night.  Another trip to Frankfort this morning and again no Hummingbird . . . the agony of defeat.

But a nice flock of Evening Grosbeaks came to the feeders and posed for photos.  This is a species that is difficult to find in southern Maine as one tends to hear them rather than see them.

So as often happens . . . I failed to get my target bird . . . but the bird Gods served up a nice surprise.

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