Two Weeks Left In Spring Migration

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Spring migration in Maine continues and Ingrid and I are exhausted.  Both of us are up before dawn (and that comes pretty early at this latitude) and out to local birding hot spots as soon as we can get dressed and out the door.  Most evenings we’re out birding again.

King Eider

Ingrid has it a-lot tougher than I do as she is still working (retiring one month from today).  On the other hand I do stupid things like chasing three rare birds (for Maine) in disparate parts of the state . . . which means lots of time in the car without much to show for my efforts.

  • 30 minute drive to Brunswick to find a Clay-colored Sparrow – FAIL

  • 120 minute drive to Blue Hill to find a Worm-eating Warbler – FAIL

  • 90 minute drive to Thomaston to find a Common Gallinule – SUCCESS

Common Gallinule

Ingrid on the other hand got a whole bunch of birds her idiot husband hasn’t seen this year (Tennessee Warbler, Red Knot and Ruddy Turnstone) . . . and drove about five miles total . . . sigh.

Indigo Bunting

Anyway, we’ll both be up early . . . and do it all again tomorrow.



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