Black-backed Woodpecker Chick

I’ve read that Maine is the heaviest forested State in the union . . . not sure how they measure something like that?  Does someone go around and count each individual tree?

Regardless, Maine has trees everywhere . . . why we are called the Pine Tree State.  Along our southern and mid-coastal regions . . . where most of Maine’s population resides: Pine, Birch, Oak and Maple trees dominate.

But if you travel to the north or the north-west, one enters the land of spruce trees and the birds begin to change.  If one continues to move north, you’ll be in the massive Canadian boreal forest that runs from Alaska to Newfoundland and Labrador.

Each year Ingrid and I travel to Maine “edge” of the boreal forest to do a little birding.

The highlight of yesterday’s trip was Black-backed Woodpecker chick calling his mother for food from a nesting hole.   The above video was made from a considerable distance with an iPhone attached to a spotting scope.   The calling by the chick is normal behavior and we didn’t stay around too long fearing our presence would keep Mom away.

Black-backed Woodpecker Adult

Other boreal species from yesterday:

Canada Jays – Loud and social gray bird know for stealing human food.

And Boreal Chickadees – a Brown Chickadee that eats from spruce cones.

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