Birds of Leah’s Rock

Spotted Sandpiper

Ingrid and I live beside a saltwater river along the coast of Maine.  Even though we are a good ten miles from the ocean, we have a huge tidal swing. Lobstermen pull their traps in front of our home, and we regularly see harbor seals.

As a matter of fact, this week a humpback whale was seen about a half mile up river from our dock.

In the middle of our shoreline is an enormous boulder, long ago coined “Leah’s Rock.”  At low tide Leah’s Rock stands on a ledge, which itself is four feet out of the water.  At high tide the boulder is nearly  submerged with just a few inches visible.  During storms or a full moon . . . Leah’s Rock completely disappears.

Great Blue Heron

It’s also a great place to spot birds from our living room . . . as birds love to perch on it.  Today a Spotted Sandpiper was photographed fishing from the rock.

Other Birds of Leah’s Rock over the years:

Canada Geese
Hooded Merganser
American Robin
Snowy Egret
Wild Turkey

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