Swainson’s Hawk in Maine

Wedding Anniversaries come around once a year . . . thank God.

Each year:

  • I have to remember the Anniversary.

  • Buy a card for the Anniversary.

  • And buy a present for the Anniversary.

For someone as scatter brained as I am . . . a Wedding Anniversary can be a real challenge.

Most years I buy Ingrid a pair of earrings, a card with Snoopy and Woodstock dancing . . . and I’m good for another year.

This year’s Anniversary I decided to venture out of my comfort zone . . . forego the earrings . . . and give my long suffering spouse a couple’s cooking class.

So today Ingrid and I drove up to Lincolnville, Maine for the cooking class and it was wonderful.  We made potato and leek soup, homemade bread with a mushroom topping, pork chops and an apple galette.   I’m going be a great help around the kitchen from now on!!!

As Ingrid and I, chopped vegetables and kneaded dough . . . we were both distracted by reports of a Swainson’s Hawk fifty miles to the north in Lamoline, Maine.  A Swainson’s Hawk is a common raptor west of the Mississippi River, but rarely is seen in the east.

As the class ended and with full bellies (we ate our assignment) we turned our Subaru Outback north, hoping the wayward bird would be around when we arrived.

Eighty minutes later we drove onto Pinkam Flats, a busy rural road bordering forest and farmland . . . that went on for miles . . . we had no idea where to find the bird.

Out of desperation, I did something I’m loathed to do . . . ask for directions.  An elderly gentleman was picking up his mail and I asked him if he’s seen any crazy birders in the neighborhood.  He had, and told us exactly where they had set up with their cameras and tripods.

We found the location, and only had to wait five minutes for the Swainson’s Hawk to show up.  A few minutes later, other birders began to show up.  Lots of high-fives and fist bumps.

What a great bird!!!!

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