Ingrid gets a Hudsonian Godwit

Ingrid and I are approaching our 10th anniversary.  Her youngest daughter just had a beautiful baby boy.  Last month we spent two weeks in Europe and we are both comfortably retired.

One would think everything is great . . . except today she photographed a rare Hudsonian Godwit as it paused to feed in Portland.  Her 290th Maine bird of the year . . . now she’s only one bird behind me.

Why wasn’t I birding with her you ask?

I was home painting the living room!!!!

In the old days, I would be chasing birds while Ingrid was working.  I’m not sure I like our new reality!!!

Regardless . . . she took an amazing video of this shorebird as it paused on its fall migration from the Arctic to its winter home in Chile and Argentina.

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