3 Weeks Until Our Big Year

Violet-crowned Hummingbird

Ingrid and I are not doing a lot of birding right now.  Most of our energy is going into planning of our 2024 Big Year across the Lower 48 States.

This long anticipated, 366 day adventure (thank you Leap Year for one extra day!) to see as many species of birds as possible is only three weeks away.

Red-crowned Parrots

We have trips to scheduled to Minnesota, Florida, Texas, Colorado and a dozen other states to see specific groups of birds . . . but we are unsure where we will start on January 1 . . . lots of options and we may not decide until after Christmas.

We’ve been shopping as well . . . sleeping bags, laser pointers, field guides, all weather tires and coolers . . . one needs lots of gear to drive across country.

Great Gray Owl

Ingrid has researched the best credit card for miles and cash back,  as well as hotel and rent-a-car companies that make the most sense on a year long expedition of this type.

We’ve hired a house sitter to take care of Mr. Bates and Mr. Tufts (our beloved Maine Coon Cats).

Acorn Woodpecker

I’ve written an iPhone app which plots various bird sightings on a screen, making it easier to find the various pastures, parks, bays and sewage treatment plants where birds hang out.

We’ve been planning our Big Year since 2018 . . . it’s almost here!!!!

Whooping Crane

For a preview of our 2024 Big Year:


    • By Ethan Whitaker -

      Good luck Barbara . . . do you know Robert Gundy . . . he sat the Florida Big Year Record in 2020. He gave me quite a few tips when I did my Maine Big Year.

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