Red-flanked Bluetail

Red-flanked Bluetail

About a month ago a birding friend invited me to join a roadtrip to New Jersey to see a rare RED-FLANKED BLUETAIL.   The Bluetail is an Eurasian bird that can be found from Great Britain over to Taiwan.  Over the years, there have been a few reports in North America (Alaska and California) . . . but not on the East Coast.  This one was hanging out in a private residential community.

“You want me to drive all the way down to New Jersey for a SINGLE bird?  What, are you nuts?” 

That was 2023. This is 2024. A Big Year. So, today Ingrid and I drove all the way down to New Jersey for TWO birds.  The Red-flanked Bluetail (which is still around) AND a TUFTED DUCK in Connecticut . . . now that is perfectly sane – I mean, two is twice as many as one!!!

Tufted Duck

The Tufted Duck is also very common in Europe and Asia . . . but a rarity in the USA.

Today was a great day to visit New Jersey (I’ve never used that combination of words before). But seriously, Ocean and Mercer counties, where we have been exploring today, are actually quite beautiful with sprawling horse ranches and farms. Finding two TRUMPETER SWANS and a CACKLING GOOSE added to the beauty!

Glamorous backside of the Red-flanked Bluetail

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