Greater Sage-Grouse

Today we visited a Greater Sage-Grouse Lek in Henefer, Utah.   A Lek is a a courting display, where dozens of male and female Grouse gather together in a dawn mating ritual.

Males will repeatedly expand their chests, which are equipped  with special air sacks, trying to impress females.

We arrived an hour before dawn, and Ingrid was able to make out a few birds in the dark . . . males already displaying.

Before Dawn

As it got lighter we watched Greater Sage-Grouse arrive from all directions, and Ingrid counted at least 86 birds.

Bird in field

The whole spectacle ended after an hour and a quarter when a Golden Eagle arrived . . . and these normally secretive birds dispersed.

Spilling onto Road


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  1. By Sister Marty Dermody -

    Very cool bird! They are fascinating and I love the sounds they produce! Congratulations!

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