Texas Spring Migration (Bolivar Flats)

Black-necked Stilt and Willets

As part of our “training” for a Big Year, and more to the point – because winter in Maine has lasted far too long and we are desperate to see some (even one would do!) new birds – we hopped on a plane in Boston and took a trip to the Gulf Coast of Texas.

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Many birds who spend the winter in Central and South America cross the Gulf of Mexico on their migration north. They begin their 12-18 hour journey at dusk and rest when they hit land on the Bolivar Peninsula of Texas.

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We arrived here too after our own long journey eager to discover which of our avian friends we might meet. While local birders tell us that migration has thus far been slow, we were not at all disappointed on our first day of birding here, adding more than 20 birds to our life list and spotting 35 first of the year (FOY) birds. It was a very good day.

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