A Day at the Feeder

Northern Cardinal and Harry Woodpecker

A few weeks ago, Ingrid and I invested in a Birdcam, in hopes we’d catch a few rare birds on our platform feeder that we might miss while doing mundane tasks like earning a living, yard word and laundry.  We have a platform feeder on the third floor of our house outside our bedroom window and over the years we’ve been surprised to see Red-bellied Woodpeckers, Northern Flickers and Chipping Sparrows . . . and we expect the Birdcam will allow us to catch similar visitors in the future.

We keep the feeder filled with a mixture of Black-oil sunflower, Saffron Seeds and peanuts, a combination that gives us a nice combination of birds.

The Moultrie Wingscapes BirdCam PRO Bird Watching Camera is motioned activated and has a flash . . . so it has produced some amazing shots of flying squirrels, apparently a regular nocturnal visitor.

On today’s post are some photos taken on a sunny spring day . . . nothing rare or exciting . . . but a fun compilation of the daily activity.

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