Maine Birders in California (Day 1)

Western Scrub-Jay

As another 8 inches of snow was bearing down on the Northeast, Ingrid and I were cuddled up together in the back row of a United 757 jetting to California.

We landed about 10:00 pm, jumped in the rental car and immediately started retracing our steps . . . driving due east for two and a half hours to La Grange, California . . . home of our son Bradley and his girl friend Tanner.

This was  first visit to La Grange . . . in our last trip to California, Bradley was living in Los Angeles  . . . to say La Grange is different is an understatement.  Cowboy Country!!!

La Grange has lots cattle, very few people (pop. 350) and the sky is filled with Red-tailed Hawks.

Ingrid’s favorite bird  . . . the Western Scrub Jay made an appearance. My favorite  . . . the Acorn Woodpecker could be seen in the distance.  No photos of these guys but as the we get more serious later in the week, I hope to get a few.

One lifer . . . the Oak Titmouse came to the feeders. Our Life List

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”276″ display=”pro_mosaic”]All in all a good start and a great change from the snow and frigid temperatures. Stay tuned as Ingrid and I make our way south to the San Diego Birding Festival.

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