Swamp Sparrow – Bird #200 of the Year

Swamp Sparrow

With my replaced knee healing and the birds migrating through . . . I am anxious to get out in the field as much as possible.   In the unfortunate timing department, Ingrid’s daughter and her boyfriend visited this weekend and for some strange reason Ingrid didn’t think they’d enjoy plodding through cold wet marshes looking for little brown birds (shocking right????).  So in a display of great resolve and discipline we played host (which meant only cursory birding).

Note I adore Ingrid’s daughter and her boyfriend and thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.   I photographed this Common Loon in Camden, Maine when no one was looking.  Ingrid also identified a Broad-winged Hawk on our drive.

Common Loon

Anyway, Sunday after “the kids” headed back to their home in Vermont we headed to Cape Elizabeth to see if we could see the Swainson’s Thrush that was being seen in a beach area cove.

We got the Thrush after about 30 minutes of searching and then a variety of other birds.

Monday morning arrived and Ingrid headed back to school after her April Vacation and I went back to my latest programming task . . . both of use looking out the window for birds.  I was lucky enough to get a Swamp Sparrow at lunch time . . . our 200th bird of the year.  Not going to set any records but not a bad total with only one birding trip in 2018.

We both look forward to our planned Big Year in 2024.

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