Penny Lake in Boothbay

Pine Warbler

This evening after work, Ingrid and I rushed over to Penny Lake in nearby Boothbay Harbor . . . a place where we’ve had great success during spring migrations.  Its still only April 24 so its early to see a lot of warblers . . . a bit like putting up the Christmas Tree before Thanksgiving.

But we did see several of early arriving Pine Warblers . . . singing to each other.

Eastern Phoebes and Eastern Bluebirds were everywhere.  Neither is even remotely unusual but two of our favorite birds.

A Ruby-crowned Kinglet displayed its crest for us  . . . but as usual was moving so fast our photos didn’t do him justice.

On our walk back to the car in the fading light, two Veery’s appeared on a fallen tree . . . bird #201 for the year.

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