Ring-necked Duck (the Rare Bird that is always Here)

Ingrid and I subscribe to several eBird’s Rare Bird Alert (Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, USA) . . . and each winter the Ring-necked Duck is listed on the Maine Report . . . and always at the same place . . . Damariscotta Mills.

Damariscotta Mills is a small hamlet in Mid-Coast Maine that is the home of a remarkable fish ladder that each year allows a million plus alewives to move from the ocean to Damariscotta Lake to spawn.  At the top of the fish ladder is a small pond that connects with the enormous lake . . . and while the lake freezes all winter . . .  the pond rarely does (not sure why).  

Each winter this open water provides a home for an ever increasing flock of Ring-necked Ducks . . . and is always flagged at Rare by eBird.

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