The Pelagic Trip from Hell

Pomarine Jaeger

For us, one of the highlights of September each year (other than the return of the New England Patriots) is Maine Audubon’s Deep Sea Pelagic Trip.  In years past we’ve seen Jaeger, Shearwaters and Skuas up close and personal while sharing comradely with other birders.

Yesterday’s trip was completely different. . . the seas were rough and there were as many sea sickness bags as interesting birds. A hurricane came though less than a week ago and we suspect many of the off shore birds we were looking for had moved out and had yet to return.

Did see a few FOY birds but photography was really difficult at a distance in rough seas.

Atlantic Puffin

On the way out (about 50 miles) we came across a pair of Humpback Whales that put on quite a show . . . including at least 6 breaches close to the boat.


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