Robins at -1 Degrees

Up early for my usual pre-work birding outing was to the Waldoboro Town Landing . . . basically boat launch so far from the ocean, it freezes over . . . particularly this morning when it was below zero.  The Landing’s parking lot is surrounded by pines, crab apples and other fruit trees and can attract birds all year around.

When I arrived, the temperature had dropped to -1, but no wind and sunny made it almost pleasant (almost).

There were Robins . . . lots of Robins . . . dozens of Robins.  Lots of non-birders think the American Robin flies south for the winter.  They need to visit Waldoboro, Maine.

I also saw about 30 Cedar Waxwings (first of the year), yet another out of range Red-bellied Woodpecker and 40 Ring-billed Gulls.

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