Northern Shoveler

Northern Shoveler

At lunch time I drove over to the Buffalo Ranch, a cow pasture in West Bath, where the owner used to run buffalo. About ten years ago the owner decided to get rid of the buffalo and raise more traditional cattle. But birders will always refer to it as the buffalo ranch as they return to it each spring.

American Wigeon

The Buffalo Ranch pasture is actually a long sloping hill with the bottom flattening out right but the road. Huge puddles appear each spring from snow melt and rain . . . couple with nutrients from the manure . . . ducks and snore birds descend on the spot.

Today I got a relatively rare Northern Shoveler and four American Wigeons. Also saw a bunch of Green-winged Teal, lots of Mallards . . . and a Bald Eagle that kept buzzing the ducks.

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