Piping Plover

What a week of birding I’ve had!!!  I took a few days off to enjoy the end of spring migration before all the birds are on their nests.

On Thursday I saw a Saltmarsh Sparrow and its closely related cousin, the Nelson’s Sparrow in Scarborough, Maine.

On Friday, I hiked to the top of Saddleback Mountain (4,121 feet) in order to get the elusive Bicknell Thrush. The summit was blanketed in fog . . . I heard the Bicknell (and a Black-backed Woodpecker) but was unable to see them.

Saddleback Summit

On the ride home, picked up a bunch of Purple Martins.

On Sunday I birded in Northern Maine not far from the Canadian Border and saw lots of Song Birds.

Then on Monday, I went to recently opened Popham Beach (due to COVID-19) and saw an amazing NINE endangered Piping Plovers.

And a Spotted Sandpiper.

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