Barrow’s Goldeneye

Today I got to bird #120 in my Maine Big Year . . . which I’m very happy about.  My original goal was to get to 111 in January, when unusually warm weather helped me reach that number on January 18 I adjusted and shot for 120.

Sadly this bird was female Brown-headed Cowbird (no one’s favorite bird) and even then all I got was a cruddy flying photograph.

Brown-headed Cowbird flying with European Starlings

What I was excited about is a Barrow’s Goldeneye near our Wiscasset home, hanging out with Common Goldeneyes just off a parking lot.

I already have a Barrows this year but my photos were at such a long distance and almost unrecognizable.  Today the light was bad . . . but I enjoyed getting comparison shots between Barrow’s and Commons.



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