Tundra Swans

In October of 2020, three juvenile Tundra Swans landed on Little Ossipee Pond in south-central Maine.  Tundra Swans are smaller cousins of the Mute Swans that are so iconic in the Northeast (think of the Boston Public Gardens).

Tundra Swans, breed on . . . I bet you can guess . . . THE TUNDRA!!!!    Each fall they migrate south and winter along the west coast (Washington State to San Francisco) and the east coast (New Jersey to Virginia).   The Little Ossipee Tundra Swans  were rare visitors to Maine and the fact that they stayed until mid-December (when the Pond froze over) was VERY rare.

This morning, two of the Little Ossipee birds showed up on the pond again . . . now as beautiful full grown adults.  Not sure what happened to the third bird but its pretty remarkable that two Swans returned.

Maine Big Year Bird #319!!!

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