Black-headed Gull

In July of 2018, Ingrid and I took a non-birding (gasp) motorcoach tour of Scotland. One day we drove through the coastal town of Leith . . . only memorable for two reasons. It was the birth place of the Proclaimers (I would roll 500 miles) and the hundreds of Black-headed Gulls sitting on every building in town.

The Black-headed Gull is a very common European bird but only occasionally found in the New World. Today, Ingrid and I got our first Black-headed Gull on this side of the pond, hanging with dozens of other gulls on a beach in York.

This was Maine Big Year Bird #322, but more importantly . . . Ingrid’s 300th. This makes her the 8th Mainer to get 300 birds in a year. Amazing, considering her less than flexible 4th grade teacher schedule.

Congratulations Ingrid!!!

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