What’s That Bird? – A Kid’s Guide to Backyard Birds of New England

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Have you ever watched a cool bird fly past your window only to become frustrated trying to find it in a bird guide?

What’s That Bird? A Kid’s Guide to the Common Backyard Birds of New England is here to help!

Written by an award-winning teacher and a birding record holder, What’s That Bird? is designed to make identifying birds easy.

Available Now at:  Amazon Prime

What’s That Bird? ….

  • Teaches you what to look for when identifying a bird
  • Shows only birds you are likely to see in New England
  • Is arranged by the primary color of the bird, making it easy to find
  • Shows each bird’s size compared to three common birds
  • Has clear, bright photos of every bird, including the female if she looks different
  • Shows where in your yard each bird is likely to be seen

Available Now at:  Amazon Prime

Also included in What’s That Bird? are…

  • A QR code for each bird’s song
  • A ‘My Awesome Backyard Bird List’ for tracking your birds
  • Instructions on easy-to-make bird feeders

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