Say’s Phoebe in Maine

Say’s Phoebe (Belfast, Maine – Oct 3, 2022)

It was late September in 2020, I was a month away from retiring, trying to be professional and finish up several projects before riding off into the sunset.

On the 24th a report of Say’s Phoebe in central Maine came through in my e-mail.  A common bird in the west, Ingrid and I had seen them in California, Texas and Arizona but seeing one in Maine would be shocking.  

But there was the “work” thing and I couldn’t justify chasing the Phoebe, what with all of the work on my plate.

Early the next morning I raced across the state hoping to find the bird . . . but it was gone . . . a one day wonder.

Yesterday another Say’s Phoebe showed up, this time at a farm in Belfast . . . an hour and a half north.   This time I dropped everything and got him.  Better late than never.


Say’s Phoebe (Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge in California – Nov 28, 2019)


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