Canada Jay – the Clown of the Boreal Forest

Yesterday (11/11/22), Ingrid and I travelled up to Rangeley, Maine to walk the length of Boy Scout Road, a three mile stretch through spruce trees, bogs and streams. Boy Scout Woods is a great place to find species that live in the Boreal Forests of the north that one never sees outside of this habitat.

Whenever Ingrid and I go to Boy Scout Road, we bring peanut butter sandwiches or crackers as the smell seems to attract Canada Jays (also called Gray Jay, Whiskey Jack, Camp Robber, Lumberjack, Meat Bird, Venison Hawk, Moose Bird, Gorby Bird and Gooney Bird) . . . a highly tame and incredibly social species.

Yesterday we were visited by a couple flocks of these little hooligans they kept us entertained and laughing all morning.

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