Dabbling Ducks


With the ice on ponds slowly melting, dabbling ducks in Maine are moving from the ocean, to fresh water where it is easier for them to get to food.

Dabbling ducks are shallow water birds that feed along the surface of the water,  by tipping headfirst to graze on plants, larvae, and insects. “Dabblers” or “puddle ducks”, are usually found in small ponds, rivers and marshes.

The most common “dabblers” are Mallards and American Black Ducks.




American Black Ducks

Today, Ingrid and I journeyed to Great Salt Bay, a nature preserve in Damariscotta, Maine that is a great four season birding spot.

Wood Ducks

The usual Mallards and American Black Ducks were present as expected but we also were delighted to find Wood Ducks, Green Wing Teal and the surprise of the day . . . Gadwalls . . . a gray/brown bird rarely seen north of New Jersey.

Green-winged Teal


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