Crocuses, frogs and birds

Went out birding for a couple hours this morning and while there are still snow banks in driveways and white patches in the woods . . . but there are signs of spring everywhere.

Crocuses can be see in places, wood frogs are croaking in the evening and new birds are arriving every day.

Today, I found four first of the year Piping Plovers running up and down Higgins Beach in Scarborough.  I pointed out the birds to half a dozen dog walkers and all were very appreciative of my warning.  Dogs and Piping Plovers have a difficult history and the large fine for harming a Plover is a great deterent.

Piping Plover

Saw a Great Egret behind a closed for the winter Clam Shack . . . I never left the car as I parked 20 feet from the bird and got some great photos.

Great Egret

And I got another Pied-billed Grebe . . . a bird that can be difficult to find in Maine . . . three since Sunday.

Pied-billed Grebe

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