Cattle Tyrant

This South American Flycatcher has absolutely the greatest bird named ever . . . Cattle Tyrant . . . think about that . . . that’s a  fun name!

Typically, this bird follows grazing animals in small flocks across farmland and marshes . . . in South America.  Until November 11 of 2023, it had never been seen in the United States.

On that day, David Essian discovered a Cattle Tyrant moving around urban Corpus Christi, Texas.  

Over the ensuing weeks, birders travelled from across the country to watch this beautiful bird move through parking lots, behind restaurants and along sidewalks and busy roads. Yes, he even did some dumpster diving!

With our 2024 Big Year approaching, Ethan and I considered starting the year in Texas just to see this wayward bird . . . but we gambled that Cattle Tyrant that had hung on through November and December would still be in Corpus Christi in February.

And it was . . . we found it this morning . . . at the corner of Schatzell and Chaparral, with pretty conclusive evidence.


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  1. By Marilyn Vickers -

    Exciting account of the cattle tyrant! He looks so sweet – not at all a tyrant 😂

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