Sandhill Cranes at Dawn

As Ingrid and I birded our way from Miami to Texas, we spent a night outside of Gainesville, Florida.

The following morning we were up early to search for the secretive Bachman’s Sparrow . . . a non-descript bird that is best found when singing in the late winter and spring.

We heard and saw the Bachman’s, but the highlight of the morning were Sandhill Cranes soaring overhead and singing as the sky brightened.

A beautiful way to start the day!

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  1. By Marilyn Vickers -

    When Lief and I were in Florida in February 2020 (last trip before the pandemic!), we saw sandhill cranes in the area close to Sarasota walking all over this golf course community as if they owned the place. We were visiting friends there. They said the residents allowed the cranes to take charge, so they really did own the place 😂 I had never seen them before. Striking presence!

    Loving your posts!

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