Ethan and Ingrid’s 2024 Big Year (Week 23)

A recap of the 23nd week of our 48 State Big Year (2024). This week we pick up birds in Michigan, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina and New Jersey . . . highlighted by the Kirtland’s Warbler and a Yellow Rail.


  1. By Marilyn Vickers -

    I agree with Ethan! A piece of pie a day is certainly not over the limit, and you haven’t even reached that limit yet. You two are exercising a lot everyday. Keep enjoying this craziness! I have a piece of rhubarb pie that I’ll eat in your honor today 😊
    Love, Cuz Marilyn

  2. By Sister Marty Dermdy -

    Great job! I have never taken a pelagic bird trip, but it is on my bucket list! Thanks so much for sharing the experience and congratulations on your life birds! This would produce some for me for sure!
    Blessings as you continue the journey!

  3. By Kathy Rawdon -

    Great episode! 571 plus birds in just 6 months ; those are trips well planned. I feel I am traveling with you!
    May I suggest splitting each slice of pie.( if that is alright with Ethan) . Half the guilt and calories!
    This is a very exciting Big Year( for me)

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