Ethan and Ingrid’s 2024 Big Year (Week 24)

A recap of the 24th week of our 48 State Big Year (2024). This week discuss nemesis birds and how we finally got our own nemesis bird off our back.


  1. By Matt Rivers -

    Nemesis birds are awful, have a few myself, oh, and what’s the outro song?

  2. By Marilyn Vickers -

    Happy Father’s Day, Ethan!
    Hope maybe you saw your kids as well as birds 😂👏 I have never heard of the nemesis bird idea. Glad to add to my vicarious birding knowledge!
    Love, Marilyn

  3. By Kathy Rawdon -

    Another Great Episode. I am very familiar with Bog Scout Rd in Rangeley and will be there for a week the last week of June. We seem to always miss the grouse on that road in spite of the great habitat. 575 species is a very impressive number having another 6 months to go. Have fun in the Pacific Northwest. I will wait patiently for the next installment.

  4. By Sister Marty Dermody -

    Very cool, So glad you were able to connect with the Grouse…Persnickety birds are always fun to try and find. Glad you are doing so well. 575 birds and we are in the middle of the year.
    Best wishes and thanks so much for sharing your experiences with all of us. I look forward to your updates.
    Much peace and happy birding! Sister Marty Dermody

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