A Lucky Gallinule

So Ingrid and I are at our condo in Cape Elizabeth (just south of Portland, Maine) and a rare Common Gallinule is reported on a pond in Belfast … a bird rarely seen this side of the Mississippi.  My birding has been limited for the last four weeks by my shoulder injury, but yesterday I planning to get up early and get the Gallinule.

But I’m still driving with just one hand and my shoulder hurt so much that night I barely slept at all … so I bagged the three hour drive.

About 10:00 am Ingrid texted me … a friend had just found ANOTHER Common Gallinule 10 minute from the condo… sometimes it’s smarter to be lucky then lucky to be smart.

The day before a Rufous Hummingbird appeared at a feeder in Dayton, Maine . . . the third straight year I’ve been lucky enough to see Rufous in Maine.  Normally we only have Ruby-throated Hummingbirds.

Rufous Hummingbird – 2022
Rufous Hummingbird – 2021
Rufous Hummingbird – 2019

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