Evening Grosbeak

Ok, looking for a show of hands . . . how many of you take your phone to the bathroom?  I’m not talking about brushing your teeth.  I’m talking about that leisurely period, once or twice a day, where we can enjoy some good reading material.

This morning, while “reading” I looked out the window and there on the power line was a male Evening Grosbeak . . . the bulky yellow and black finch that occasionally drops down from Canada to visit Maine bird feeders.

Fortunately, I had my iPhone with me and got a quick video before he flew off.   This was the first time Ingrid and I have had an Evening Grosbeak in our yard.

Later we watched the him chowing down at our sunflower seed feeders and I got a few photos of him high in the trees.

So next time you are in the “library” take a break from Taylor Swift’s latest post on Twitter and look out the window!!!!

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