Yearly Archives: 2022

Mar 92022

Northern Lapwing

This morning I decided to take a break from CNN, consume a little $4.29 a gallon gasoline and head for Greenland, New Hampshire. A couple days ago, a Northern Lapwing had been seen in a Greenland cornfield.  The Lapwing is a common sight in Europe, browsing in meadows, mudflats and farmland.  Every couple years, one […]

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Feb 2520222 comments

Two Surprise Lifers

Birders are gossips.  We’re always listening to other birder’s conversations, searching the internet or simply asking others “have you seen anything good?” Today Ingrid and got two lifers (birds we have never seen before) without any intelligence before hand. While searching a beach east of Corpus Christi we saw a shorebird . . . probably […]

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Feb 252022

Whooping Cranes

Our tallest bird, averaging 5′ 2″ with a 7 and a half foot wing span, the Whooping Cranes is a life birds for  Ingrid and me as our birding trip to Texas continues. A critically endangered species due to hunting and habitat loss.  By 1941 only 15 birds wintered in Texas. Serious conservation issues and […]

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Feb 242022

Green Jay

As Ingrid and I prepare for our ABA Big Year in 2025 (the Birds of the USA and Canada) we’re scouting different locations.  Having a general idea where and when regional birds are being seen goes a long way toward a successful Big Year. We are currently halfway through our third trip to Texas since […]

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Feb 212022

Birding in Texas

After two year of birding only in Maine (Pandemic and Maine Big Year), yesterday evening Ingrid and I flew into the Gulf Coast of Texas for a week of catching up. First stop was the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center in Port Aransas, Texas where we saw dozens of species including White Pelicans . . . damn […]

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Feb 112022

Red-Shouldered Hawk

This afternoon while taking a break from Book promotion (a lot more than I expected) I did some birding from the car. While driving north of Damariscotta Lake I saw something large fly across the road in front of me. I figured it was probably a Red-tailed Hawk but I slowed to check it out. […]

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Feb 72022

Rare Maine Bird Wrap-up

With the excitement of the Maine Big Year and the “Every Bird in Maine” Coffee Table book behind me, I’m finally out birding for fun again. Its kind of nice after a year of Go Go Go, to spend some time leisurely checking out the birds in the area. The bird news in Maine birding […]

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Jan 222022

Maine Big Year Video Stories

A photo montage of every bird observed during the 2021 Maine Big Year. Bird in Maine – A Coffee Table Book on the 2021 Maine Big Year Amazon PrimeButeo Books Apple Books: eBookBates College Store Google Books: eBookLetterpress Books Sherman’s BookstoresMaine Audubon Nature Store Mockingbird BookshopsNonesuch Books The nocturnal hike to see the rare […]

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Jan 192022

Greater White-fronted Goose

Last year during my Maine Big Year, I made two trips to Aroostook County in northern Maine (9 hours round trip) trying to get a Greater White-fronted Goose. The bird was swimming with thousands of Canada Geese at an extreme distance. On the second trip, I finally found the bird after two hours of scoping. […]

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Jan 172022

Lincoln’s Sparrow

Despite the cold weather as of late, this Lincoln’s Sparrow is still hanging around in Nobleboro, not far from the fish ladder. Never the easiest sparrow to find in Maine this species should be in North Carolina and parts south by now. He was hanging out in a forsythia bush near a bird feeder.

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Jan 142022

Snowy Owl

This afternoon I found this beautiful female Snowy Owl sitting on the shore of Biddeford Pool, Maine. The number of Snowy Owls we see on the coast of Maine fluctuates each winter depending upon the summer lemming population in the arctic.  Prevelent lemmings, the Snowy’s favorite food source, will lead to more owlets being successfully […]

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Jan 112022

Townsend’s Warbler

Today a Townsend’s Warbler showed up about 5 minutes away from our condominium in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  To see a warbler in January in Maine is really quite unusual (diet consists primarily on caterpillars). But to see a west coast warbler on the coldest day of the year (wind chill of minus 17) is even […]

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Jan 82022

Steller’s Sea Eagle Continues

The incredibly rare Steller’s Sea Eagle continues to be seen in mid-coast Maine close to our home. The last few days he’s been hanging out in Boothbay Harbor. This bird of the Russian ice is a brilliant winter tourist attractions as birders all over the United States continue to stream into the area for a […]

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Jan 82022

Carolina Wren

For the last month Ingrid and I have been hearing and occasionally seeing a Carolina Wren hanging out around our Wiscasset, Maine house.  We live right at the northern most limit of the Wren’s northern range and we have never had one around the yard before. Today we had a heavy snow storm and the […]

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Jan 52022

Purple Sandpiper

With the Big Year over, I spent New Years weekend taking down Christmas decorations and watching football. But by January 4 I was ready to go bird again . . . but without the sense of urgency of the previous year. Of course birding in Maine in January is not for the faint of heart, […]

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