Yearly Archives: 2021

Jan 122021


The finch eruption of 2020-2021 continues with reports of Red-breasted Nuthatches showing up in Florida and Evening Grosbeaks in New Mexico.  This been good and bad for my Maine Big Year.  Purple Finches and Pine Siskins have blown south of the State (bad), while Crossbills and Redpolls are in southern Maine and easier to find. […]

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Jan 92021

Rough-legged Hawk

Stopping your car in front of the State Prison, scanning the area with binoculars and then taking photographs with a telephoto lens . . . is a whole new kind of stupid . . . but that’s what I did today to get this Rough-legged Hawk. It’s been a very rewarding few days of birding […]

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Jan 72021

Orange-crowned Warbler

Before beginning my Maine Big Year, I read everything I could on the subject and talked to people that had done one and they all say “Chase the Rarities”. So when I heard an Orange-crowned Warbler was being seen at a residential feeder north of Portland . . . I asked the owner if I […]

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Jan 52021

Harlequin Ducks and Other Maine Big Year Birds

Well I’m four days into my Maine Big Year and my total is 67 birds.  I’ve birded from sunup to sunset, with a break for the New England Patriots game on Sunday. The biggest frustration has been the Rock Wren, a bird of the desert southwest that is inexplicably surviving a Maine winter. Ingrid and […]

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Jan 22021

Maine Big Year Begins

For the last three years I’ve been planning a Maine Big Year . . . this has included retiring (last November), getting both knees replaced (2018) and learning as much about the birds of Maine as possible (a work in progress). This morning (January 1, 2021) I woke up at 4:00 like a kid waiting […]

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